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a non-profit organization dedicated to offering the teachings of Reshad Feild and the inner teachings of the Sufi tradition. To give a taste of this work, we offer the following question.

Why Chalice?

Perhaps what unifies all these ideas is the breath: the vessel is full (in-breath); the vessel is empty (out- breath). The vessel in this sense, and in a communal sense, can never be filled or emptied. For, are we not One? There is Unity in Community; there is a symbol which can unite us beautifully. This is the virtue of a true symbol in essence beyond words.

A living school is one that at least embraces or looks at all these ideas. Reshad Feild, founder of “Chalice,” says that its purpose is “to keep life alive until the world is awake.”

Through our questions and work together, and all that has been made available to us, we keep the Chalice at least as perfect and as pure as the condition in which we received it. But only so that we can pass it on. Which is up to us, which is up to you …”

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