Our Studies

“The highest question, the unspoken question, I usually place in the upper reaches of consciousness, where it is heard and then takes time to filter down. We can hear it without any words. Something happens inside us. There is release if you like. Sometimes we cry. Eventually, the result will filter down and permeate our lives, and from that, we may take action. This level of question comes directly from the knowledge that “in the question lies the answer.” The question in this case is manifested through a certain attention and continuous yearning from the heart.”

Reshad Feild, Steps to Freedom

Weekly Study Groups

The Chalice friends meet together on Thursday evenings, (currently via Zoom), where we find an echo of Truth in each other’s hearts and yearning. We come together in love and respect, working closely with the breath, study, contemplation, prayer, and practices to heighten our awareness of the sacredness of life and of ourselves. Through conscious study, we do our best to extract the essence of the teachings of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, Abdul Qadir Gilani, Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi, Hafiz, and Reshad Feild, as well as other Sufi poets and mystics and read the wisdom embodied by all the prophets, including the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, Jesus, and Mary.

Weekly Themes

Each week we contemplate a theme that is chosen from the chapter that we study on Thursday. Each person is invited to submit themework about their experiences, realizations or questions in holding the theme during the week. A portion of each Thursday evening is devoted to sharing these experiences.

Examples of Themes


We will know that we are free the moment we can surrender totally to allow the free flow of life itself.”

 – Reshad Feild, “Freedom”, Steps to Freedom


“Love itself has only one great purpose and that is beauty.”

– Reshad Feild, “Desire,” Steps to Freedom


“Spiritual ecology is possible for us by the continuous use of practices and, first and foremost, by realizing, with every breath we take, our total dependence upon the one and only Absolute Being.”

– Reshad Feild, “Spiritual Ecology,” The Inner Work II