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Steps to Freedom

Reshad Feild

Steps to Freedom is a collection of inner teachings by Reshad Feild about the essential knowledge of the heart. In this updated edition, Reshad Feild continues the exploration of human transformation that began in The Last Barrier, his classic novel of the spiritual search.

Steps to Freedom offers a way of living that is not limited by the patterns of the past or the concepts of the mind. By opening to the force of Love, the only source of enduring change and real healing, we can be led to the truth of who and what we really are.

“Reshad Feild is one of those rare combinations — artist and soul teacher. Steps to Freedom continues the exploration of human transformation that began in The Last Barrier, his classic novel of the spiritual search.” — Coleman Barks, poet and author of The Essential Rumi

“I love especially Reshad Feild’s labor toward remembering. A human being is forgetfulness. Reshad is faithful to remembering, brilliant in remembering.” — Robert Bly, poet and author of Iron John and The Sibling Society

“What a delight to receive these subtle, heartful teachings in the revised edition of Reshad’s seminal Steps to Freedom. He exposes the heart and feeds us all.” — Stephen Levine, author of Who Dies? An Investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying