Reshad Feild

“The natural state of the soul is freedom.
We will know we are free the moment we surrender to the perfection of life in each moment.”

Reshad Feild, Steps to Freedom

The life story of Dr. Reshad Feild reads as a modern-day Odyssey propelled by the single question, “What is the purpose of Life on Earth?”

Reshad left the aristocratic roots of his native England at an early age having had a mystical experience he describes as “like having a window opened.” His mystical yearning took him around the world to Zen monasteries in Japan, the Himalayas in Nepal, and to the Sufi mystics and the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey. Reshad also studied with the Gurdjieff and Ouspensky schools and the ancient Druids in England, where he apprenticed in the ancient science of Geomancy.

Reshad’s life led him in other directions as well. He was an antique dealer, a stockbroker, and a naval officer. In the early sixties, Reshad performed with Dusty Springfield in the British pop group, the Springfields. At the end of his lectures or seminars, Reshad would often play his guitar and sing, helping to carry the essence and inner meaning of his talk into the hearts of those who were there.

Throughout the years, Reshad Feild ran several esoteric schools in England, Canada, the U.S., and Switzerland to help people embarking on the path of transformation. Most recently, he founded Johanneshof, a magnificent international school overlooking Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Johanneshof was set up to offer an intensive transformational program for visitors from around the world and touched many hearts and lives.

Reshad passed away on May 31, 2016.


“Reshad Feild is one of those rare combinations – artist and soul teacher.  Steps to Freedom continues the exploration of human transformation that began in The Last Barrier, his classic novel of the spiritual search.”

 –  COLEMAN BARKS, poet and author of The Essential Rumi


“I especially love Reshad Feild’s labor toward remembering. A human being is forgetfulness. Reshad is faithful to remembering, brilliant in remembering.”

– ROBERT BLY, poet and author of Iron John and The Sibling Society


“What a delight to receive these subtle, heartfelt teachings in the revised edition of Reshad’s seminal Steps to Freedom. He exposes the heart and feeds us all.”

–  STEPHEN LEVINE,  author of Who Dies?  An Investigation of  Conscious Living and Conscious Dying.