Welcome to the Chalice Guild

The Chalice Guild is a living school following the way of love, compassion, and service. 

The chalice symbolizes our bodies and our being, which we open in receptivity to bring forth the Divine Spirit or Breath into this world.  We embody a fellowship of friends sharing a yearning for inner knowledge and for finding the echo of Truth in each other’s hearts.

We come together in love and respect, working closely with the breath, study, contemplation, prayer, and practices to heighten our awareness of the sacredness of life and of ourselves. Our creed is one of service, reflecting our true desire to serve all beings, Mother Earth, and the children’s children, as we walk in Beauty on the road of Truth.

A certain times of history, often when the world is in crisis, esoteric schools which normally remain hidden emerge where and when they are needed. When their function is complete, they disappear as fast as they appeared. For over forty years, several esoteric schools associated with the work of Reshad Feild have been established for varying periods of time. Some have been intense residential schools in an international setting, and others have been in the form of ongoing work/study groups. All have operated in the understanding that real change requires intense effort and sacrifice on the part of seekers of truth.

The Chalice Guild represents a circle of seekers who work, practice and study to realize their essential nature.


“The essence of every tree, every blade of grass, every flower is in us… Now, let us reverse space. Open up your chest and allow yourself to be seen by a tree or several trees. We are always looking at; we are looking at each other, aren’t we? We hardly ever allow ourselves to be seen. If you can, just let it come to you. Because that which is already in you responds to that which you see. But let it see you.”

– From a talk by Reshad Feild on Reversing Space


“Breath and the Spirit of God are one once you know. The knowledge of that is so enormous it can completely change your life. My prayer for you is that you will be granted that state of awareness, and every time you are awake, you will know that you are being breathed. Then something profound does change.”

– “Breath and Breathing,” a talk by Reshad Feild in Richterswil, Switzerland, 2007


“Learn to love God with all of your being, every part of yourself, your heart, your mind, your soul, and then we may all be granted the understanding of the meaning of the Virgin birth…Your body is the Virgin Mary – remember this every moment of your life. This is the responsibility that we must take as we come into knowledge, into being.”

– Reshad Feild, The Last Barrier