Each year Chalice Guild and/or Chalice Europe provide times when those interested in the inner teachings of the Sufi tradition and Reshad Feild, may gather to study together or with Reshad himself.


The following are the available events currently being offered in the United States. The Chalice Europe events can be obtained through their website at:

Sema Ceremony,  Each December 17 Thursday Study Class, Santa Fe, NM Every Thursday Conference Call Study Class, Santa Fe, NM Every Thursday Evening

In addition to yearly events, Chalice Guild hosts two weekly venues for study. The first is hosted in Santa Fe, NM on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30 pm MT at the Chalice center, 1807 Second St, Building J, Room #73, and is called “Towards Knowing Ourselves.” For more information about the Thursday classes contact Penny Russell at 505 466-3137 or

The second study opportunity is a conference call study class where anyone can call an 800 number and participate with others in study. This class takes place each Thursday at 8 pm MT. For more information concerning this class, contact Susan Straight at 505 988-1724 or