The Last Barrier


Reshad Feild

A True Story of a Journey into Ultimate Reality

The beautifully written autobiographical account of a young Englishman’s adventurous search after the meaning of life and ultimate truth. Guided by Hamid, an enigmatic antique dealer who turns out to be a demanding spiritual teacher, Reshad’s curiosity for the dervishes in the Middle East develops into a journey on many levels leading him to sacred places and spiritual insights. Learning “the hard way”, he gets introduced to the mystery of breath, the spiritual meaning of the Virgin Mary and the mutual roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Step by step he begins to understand the sacredness of all life and that love is the First Cause of creation. Eventually, after many lessons, he is granted a glimpse of the unity of being.

First published in 1976, this acclaimed bestseller has lost nothing of its magic that has touched and influenced hundreds of thousands of seekers after truth throughout the world – just like its sequel, To Know We’re Loved.