The Inner Work, Volume II


Reshad Feild

Study Material of a Living Inner School

“It is said that there have to be two ‘confrontations’, and these are first of all made within ourselves and are then reflected into the outer world, although of course we would like to see it the other way round. The first confrontation is between those that know and those that do not know; the second is between those that know and those that will have to know. If we are totally honest with ourselves, we do not have to look very far to realise just how much inner work we have to do to be able to see clearly, to be able to hear clearly and thus to be able to be conscious and constructive helpers in the building of what is called ‘the platform for the second cycle of mankind’.”


Contents of Volume II

The Sails Are Set · Want and Need · Some Questions · An Introduction to the Study of the Unity of the One · Spiritual Ecology · To Be ‘Steeped’ in the Sufi Tradition · How to Become a Normal Idiot · The Art and Science of Visualisation · Time: One of the Inner Laws · The Meaning of Authority on the Spiritual Journey · How Can We Become Sensitive to the Substance of the Work? · The Death of the Dinosaurs · Sounds of Love · “I Was Raw, I Was Cooked, and Now I Am Burnt” · Via Konya to Assisi · The Way of Mevlana · The Purpose of Remembering · A Few Guidelines for Gatherings · Living the Breath · The Reality of the Prophet · Surah al-Ikhlas · Lord’s Prayer · Let Us Go Toward Union · One-Pointed Prayer · Graces · Practices and the Three Lines of Work · The 40-Days Initial Programme · Wasifas · The Latifa Practice · The Reservoir Breathing Practice · Of Maps and Boats · Index